SC Tech Online - Multi Vendor marketplace solution

The Multi-Vendor Extension transforms the store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace. It allows vendors to create, update, track and manage the products and orders through their own dedicated dashboard. The Admin can easily set global/separate seller commissions for all the sellers.


  • Base Price USD

  • Module extension

  • Multi User

  • No Refund
  • One Time Payment Only


The Multi-Vendor Extension transforms the store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace. This extension allows the customers to buy the products from various vendors using the single cart. The customers can also provide feedback and rating based on vendor product/service.

The seller can manage the inventory, shipment, Seller Profile page and much more.

The seller can add products like Simple and Configurable


  • Manage Seller Branding by providing the banner, social links and SEO friendly URLs for their shop.

  • Dedicated seller dashboard to view income, payouts, order details, latest comments, and reviews.

  • An attractive landing page with top sellers and their associated top products.

  • The seller can edit the shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, and the shop information.

  • Sellers can maintain everything transparent between them and customers by displaying return & shipping policy and providing shop description

  • The seller can check total sales as made, total payout and remaining payout as done from Admin end.

  • Functionality to either create New Product or provide own details on the existing product.

  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.

  • Admin can delete or update Seller's profile and products.

  • Admin can set a global/separate commission for the seller.

  • Product Assignment by Admin to Seller Account.

  • The seller can also cancel the order.

Download Process

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